About Us


Great Cider Making


is an allegiance with nature that above all else requires patience and an appreciation for the unknown things that she brings to bear as we cycle through the seasons from the orchard to the cider house. We have nurtured apple tree varieties from carefully selected graft wood and rootstocks, learning their different personalities as we coax them to bear fruit. Each day of the harvest challenges us until it is time to grind and squeeze small batches of our apples. Each pressing takes many houses as we have learned “slow juice” makes the best cider! We do not use added sulfur to sterilize the juice, but rather depend on native and selected yeasts to ferment and mature our ciders. Our ciders are never pumped, filtered or force carbonated. We depend on gravity flow, timing and all that nature put in the fruit to give our ciders their unique flavor and sparkle. It takes more than a year to get from blossom to glass. We hope that you will enjoy this experiment as much as it continues to please and amaze us to produce.