Welcome to Sowams Cider Works™

Tastings Now Available at our Bar, inside tables and outdoor patio

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2-8 PM

Sunday 12-5 PM

(Click to order by the bottle in advance or for curbside pickup)

Our Current Cider Selection is available for both tastings or to purchase by the bottle:

Orchard Blend ALL IN # 134

Baldwin & Spy 2 old Guys Gone Wild # 149

Calville Blanc D’Hiver #147

Roxburry Russet #126

Also available by the bottle 

Ashmead’s Kernel # 113

Winesap Wild # 133

Rhode Island Green #124

Ashmeades Kernel # 139

Newtown Pippin # 122



Formerly Warren Cider Works….Same Owner, Same Cider! 

Our ciders are NEVER pump filtered or force carbonated with NO added sulfites or added sugars. Our slow pressed juice and small batch fermentation produces superior craft cider. And we grow all the apples and that’s the honest apple!