Our Ciders

Our Ciders. 2018 Pressings.

Virginia Crab No. 71 SOLD OUT! Pressed October 3, 2018

Major No. 72 SOLD OUT!  English cider apple pressed into a rich, smooth and deeply colored cider with a soft tannin finish. Pressed October 4, 2018

Winecrisp & Crabs No. 73 SOLD OUT!  A light, dry and bright cider. Pressed October 5, 2018

Reds No. 74  SOLD OUT!  Reds is a blend of Red MacIntosh offspring and Red Delicious apples. Light, dry cider with subtle fruit notes and an acid finish. Pressed October 9, 2018

Orchard Blend No. 75. Pressed October 12, 2018

Spy No. 76. SOLD OUT! One of New York’s oldest varieties, this apple produces a bright and sharp cider. Pressed October 15, 2018

Orchard Blend No. 77. Pressed October 21, 2018

Yarlington Mill No. 78. SOLD OUT!  This UK classic cider apple produces a bittersweet juice and a smooth cider with a clean acid finish.Pressed October 23, 2018

Hudson Golden Gem No. 79. SOLD OUT!  This crisp juicy russet with a pear like flavor hails from the West…Tangent, OR to be specific. A light mellow cider that’s honey without the sweet.  Pressed October 27, 2018

Orchard Blend No. 81. Pressed October 30, 2018

Roxbury Russet No. 82. SOLD OUT! Pressed November 4, 2018

Orchard Blend No. 83. SOLD OUT! $17 per bottle. November 9, 2018

Wickson No. 84. SOLD OUT! $22 per bottle. Sharp and sweet little apple produces a dry, smooth cider with a sharp finish. Pressed November 13, 2018

Ashmead’s Kernel No. 85. SOLD OUT! Well known for a unique “pear drop” flavor, this 18th century russet apple originates from Gloucester, England produces a high flavored cider with a buttery finish.Pressed November 15, 2018

Golden Russet No. 86. SOLD OUT! $22 per bottle.This full bodied sparkler was made with a New York russet apple. Pressed November 16, 2018

Kinda Crabby No. 87. SOLD OUT! Just might suit your mood.  This crabapple blend made a deliciously sparky cider. Pressed November 16, 2018

Late Harvest Blend  No. 88. SOLD OUT! $18 per bottle. Gleaned from the orchard in frosty November, a precious mix of Lady Apple, Wickson, Goldrush, and late-hanging Liberty.  Natural wild yeast fermented to a still, bright cider with fruit acid character. Pressed November 20, 2018

Baldwin No. 89. SOLD OUT! Baldwin makes a crisp, dry cider with a fruity note. From its origins in Wilmington, Massachusetts circa 1740, Baldwin became a prized apple for the making of hard cider. This versatile apple had excellent storage and shipping qualities which contributed to its popularity. Drink a glass of Baldwin and contribute to the comeback of one of New England’s premier heirloom cider apples. Pressed November 20, 2018

Orchard Blend No. 91. SOLD OUT! Classic blend of Liberty apples blended with Winecrisp, Wicks-on and Dabinett cider apples.  Dry and still with a solid tannin structure. Pressed November 27, 2018 

Newtown Pippin No. 92. Currently Available. Queen Victoria’s favorite apple. This native cultivar originated in western Long Island and was a popular 18th century export to Europe. A dry, crisp and refreshing cider. Pressed November 30, 2018

Winesap No. 93. SOLD OUT!  All great wine is from the vine.  From a classic American cider apple with a snappy finish. Pressed December 3, 2018

Harrison No. 94. SOLD OUT!  A deeply colored cider of great strength from a legendary American cider apple. This true American heirloom cultivar was grown in New Jersey before and after the American Revolution and almost became obsolete in the 20th century. It is a popular hard cider apples and produces a full-bodied and still cider with a slight residual sweetness. Pressed December 3, 2018

GoldRush Wild No. 95. SOLD OUT! $20 per bottle. These apples are harvested after the first frost and cold stored until this late bloomer has mellowed to perfection. Natural wild fermentation produces a rich and tangy cider with prominent citrus notes. The GoldRush is a modern cultivar from Golden Delicious parentage; this golden apple has a complex and spicy flavor with bright acidity. Pressed December 6, 2018 

Calville Blanc d’Hiver No. 96. SOLD OUT! A classic French dessert apple with an unusual look–the slightly mis-shapen exterior of this 17th century cultivar contains the perfect apple for making the classic French “tart aux pommes”. This extraordinary culinary apples produces a still cider with an even tartness. Pressed December 12, 2018 

Rhode Island Greening No. 97. SOLD OUT!  This fresh and tangy cider with subtle fruit notes is produced from the queen of native Rhode Island apples. This favorite variety was available in December; we have a few more cases which we will re-release sometime this summer. Pressed December 17, 2018

Orchard Blend No. 98. SOLD OUT! $17 per bottle. Pucker up! This razor sharp blend of predominantly Brameley’s Seedling is naturally fermented. December 20, 2018


Our Ciders. Sold out 2017 pressings. 

Reds No. 47 SOLD OUT! Pressed on 10-11-17.

Kingston Black No. 48 SOLD OUT!  Pressed  10-11-17.

Virginia Crab No. 50 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-12-17

Kola Crab No. 51 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-12-17

Northern Spy No. 52 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-13-17

Baldwin No. 54 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-25-17.

St. Edmunds Russet No. 55 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-26-17.

Newton Pippin No. 56 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-27-17

Mixed Russets No. 57 SOLD OUT! Pressed 10-31-17

Wickson No.58-59-60 SOLD OUT!  Pressed 11-04-17

Orchard Blend No. 61. SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-07-17

Orchard Blend No. 62 SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-09-17

Roxbury Russet No. 63a SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-13-17

Calville Blanc D’hover No 63 SOLD OUT!  Pressed 11-14-17

Late Blend No. 64 SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-20-17

Harrison No. 65 SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-22-17

GoldRush Wild No. 66a SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-25-17

Winesap No. 67 SOLD OUT! Pressed 11-29-17

Cox’s Orange Pippin No. 68 SOLD OUT! Pressed 12-15-17

Rhode Island Greening No. 69 SOLD OUT! Pressed 12-18-17